PhotoCat Viewer for iOS

The iOS1 built-in photo application is getting better all the time, but it only accepts photographs from your camera, or Photo catalogues on your desktop. Those of us who use Adobe Lightroom2, and have spent a lot of time making adjustments, sorting, and applying metadata feel left out.

Not any more!

PhotoCat for iOS allows you to import Lightroom catalogues to your mobile device. That’s it. You need not run an import utility or plugin, simply drag and drop your catalogue and previews onto the PhotoCat file sharing box in your devices’ Finder window.

Your photographs will appear sorted by folder, collection (even most Smart Collections), or keywords. You can view them full screen, inspect metadata, or even search by metadata or keywords. A map view displays photos that have GPS information imbedded in them.

PhotoCat has been tested with catalogues of over 100,000 images.

This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Adobe Systems, Inc. in any way. 

Any deficiencies or other quality issues present in PhotoCat should not reflect upon Adobe Lightroom or other Adobe Systems software.

1 iPad, iOS, OS X, iPhoto, and Aperture are all trademarks of Apple, Inc.

2 Lightroom is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.

3 On Windows systems, zip up the files before adding them in iTunes. See the Support section.